Since opening Apex PT in 2002 I've been the sole practitioner.  I will be working with you during each and every session.  There are no aides or assistants employed.  Although they are useful in other clinics, I feel that a patient working with only the same clinician throughout rehab is much more effective.

I've loved working with patients (conservatively as well as post-operatively).  Before every session, i make it a point to ask the patient how their condition is doing and how the last session went.  If progress is headed in the right direction, we continue until the goals are reached.  If progress is not being made, i reassess the situation and modify the treatment program.  

Sessions here consist of mainly manual (hands on) therapy, exercises, joint mobilization (especially after surgery), stretches, and modalities ONLY as needed.  I try my best to make the sessions as meaningful, tolerable, and enjoyable as possible. 

Hope to see you soon (in a good way)!

-Philip Lim